The Diary Started But Never Finished

Hello all! Sorry for the long gap in my writing posts. My novel has given me tremendous trouble. But I do have something for you all. I was digging through some of my old writings for some inspiration and I found an old campaign diary from one of my previous D&D games. It only lasted one session so thus only one entry. I know this isn’t quite what would be expected but I figured, “at least its something.” So here it is, an unedited original from deep within my files.

We were sent to a small village to investigate the strange goings on there. When we got there the party had all gone in many directions but I decided to go to the church for I am a paladin and it was needed before a hunt of evil things.

When I got to the church, I decided to talk to the priest because he was most likely to be telling the truth about what was happening. He said that some of the farmer’s sheep had been killed in the last few nights that were accompanied by strange rattling noises. Of course, I had to investigate.

After I had met up with the rest of the party, Baelynn had told me that apparently one of the shopkeepers’ husbands had gone missing shortly before all of the strangeness had occurred. We didn’t have time to investigate that claim, but I figured it would have something to do with the occurrences.

Another party member, Nameia, also told me that some of the graves in the village cemetery had found themselves to be vacant. This troubled me greatly. I swore to myself that I would put those who woke back to rest.

We began our travel to the farmer’s land, who we found trying to repair a fence that was busted through by something most unholy. We asked to see one of the bodies of his dead sheep but he had already taken it into the forest to be devoured by nature. Therein we decided to go and have a look at the corpse. We found it. It was a rather dismal sight. But one thing was clear. This animal was not killed out of hunger of a beast, but rather out of the compulsion of an unholy abomination.

We went to the graveyard after investigating the corpse of the dead sheep. The tale of empty graves was true. In fact, about half of the graves in the graveyard were empty. After spending about an hour or to chasing our own tails trying to figure out what was wrong with the graves, we started to hear the sounds of shambling bones and moans of the undead walking away from us. We gave chase. They ended up losing us. But continuing to follow the direction of the sound, we came across a cave. After giving it a bit of thought we figured out that they must have gone inside the cave. So thusly we entered.

As we entered the cave we were beset upon by wild wolves, four of them to be exact. We dispatched of them quickly. I skinned one for its pelt for future use and then pressed on. While we continued to travel through the cave we came to a point where the dirt floor began to change into chiseled stone and there were proper walls with sconces. But the new interior of the room was the least of our worries. There were also about eight undead monstrosities in front of us, poor souls. Taking to the vow I had taken before, I began to slay them, my companions following suit.

After the combat we continued through the hallways of the dungeon. We came across a room that had three chests sitting in it. I made a good point to kick the chest before opening it, just for good measure. I’m not sure what my companions found in the ones that they opened but in mine I found a Warhammer and some gold coins. I’m definitely keeping both for future use.

We pressed onward deeper into the unknown of this hidden dungeon. In the final room we found the shopkeeper’s husband, clutching onto a clearly evil book. And surrounding him were two ghouls and an undead Minotaur. My companions and I quickly started to take care of the undead creatures. After which we managed to separate the man from his book. He seemed very thankful for the fact that we saved him. Turned out that he and that book are what caused the deceased to be disturbed.

It became very clear to me that he was a coward, and I hate cowards. He wanted us to provide safe passage for him out of the town so that he would not have to deal with the consequences for killing his own people. He offered us a treasure map in return. I managed to convince him to give me the map before we provided safe passage. After such, I quickly denied his request and demanded that he go and see his wife and beg for forgiveness from his people and maybe then the gods may forgive him. But the gods know that the people may never forgive him.

After having dealt with the problem we went back to our guild hall, The Forest Striders, and told them of our success. They took their cut of the bounty money and the rest of us split the rest. And now, we shall be off to follow a treasure map.

Until next time,

Dresh Mogul