Hidden By Fog: Elaine: Chapter Five

Since it is one of my followers birthdays today, I have decided to go ahead and upload the final chapters to Elaine’s part of the tale. Happy Birthday! You know who you are.

Elaine: Chapter Five

Year: 1651

Location: Plymouth, England

Elaine, never having been to Plymouth, follows the streets as best she can to find the old hag’s home. Eventually she does find a small log cabin, within an alcove of trees. With the little remaining strength that she possesses, she walks to the door. As she goes to knock, she can hold herself up no longer and falls. She hits the door on her way to the ground. With a few clamoring noises from within the cabin, the same old crone opens the door.

“Oh my,” Millicent says, “Sarah, come. Quickly now, help me get her inside.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Sarah replies.

Now standing with the help of the two women, Elaine hobbles into their homestead. Millicent and Sarah help Elaine get seated before preparing hot tea for her.

“Are you alright, dearie,” Millicent asks.

“No, not at all,” Elaine replies before removing her vail.

“Someone sure did a number on you,” Sarah states.

“Aye, Hevphrys.”

Millicent suddenly drops one of the cups she was grabbing, causing it to shatter to the floor. She leans down and starts to pick up the pieces.

“Mother, what is it?”

“That name,” Millicent begins, “What was that name you just said?”

“Hevphrys,” Elaine replies.

“Dear God. We need to get you as far away from hear as possible.”

“I’m not against it. But how do you know that name?”

“There are somethings you don’t need to know just yet. I can tell you more once we get to where we’re going.”

“And where might that be, Mother,” Sarah asks.


“Woah, wait a moment! Why America,” Elaine asks shocked by the statement.

“It is the farthest place away from that beast. There is a town there that just started up nearly twenty years ago. It should be safe for us to go there.”

“I’m alright with going,” Sarah says happily.

“I’m not sure if I am though,” Elaine says with a lack of confidence.

“Listen, Elaine, if you don’t go then he will find you and he will use you to get what he is after.”

“What could he be after, especially after what he did to me.”

“He is using you to get ‘someone’ else, trust me. He has been doing this for far longer than either of us have been alive.”

“Who could he be trying to get through me. The only person I knew I killed.”

“Maybe it was someone you knew, or maybe you didn’t know them at all. But whomever they are, they knew you and still think of you today.”

“There’s not a single person like that!”

“Oh, I assure you there is and Hevphrys is after them. So, to save both your life and theirs, we must go as far as we can.”

Now seeing the futility in her argument, Elaine reluctantly agrees to go to America. The three of them wait a few days for Elaine to gather her strength back and prepare throughout that time. Eventually they manage to catch a ship to America.

–K. E. Oskold

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