Hidden By Fog: Elaine Chapter Two

Here’s chapter two everyone. I have finished about 6 of Elaine’s chapters and 7 of the chapters for another character who will come in later.

Elaine: Chapter Two

After the incident with the herb, she has not told William. Elaine goes through the days as if nothing had changed. She is waiting for a chance to search the study. One evening while William had gone out and Elaine saw her chance and seized it.

Going through the house to make sure that she was alone, she heads to his study. It is locked.

‘Why is it locked? What could be in there that he doesn’t want to be seen.  There has to be a key somewhere.’

She rushes through the house, opening every drawer, in search of a key to the study. Coming up empty handed, she takes a moment to think. She could break the door, but she probably isn’t strong enough. And then another idea comes to her. She will have to wait until a night when William is asleep. The key must be on him when he leaves the house. So she waits… waits for William to return home.

It is about one in the morning when William finally returns home. She is there to greet him.

“Morning Dear,” Elaine says as William shuts the front door.

“Hello, Love, what are you still doing up?” he asks.

“Oh, sleep eludes me.”

“Ah, well I think I shall turn in for the night,” He says, putting his keys on the table next to the door, “Don’t stay from sleep for too long.”

“I won’t,” She says, seeing the opportunity before her.

As William heads up the stairs of their home, Elaine listens to discern which room he went to. Based on the sound of the floorboards, he must have gone to their room. Waiting about thirty minutes, to make sure that he was asleep, she makes her move. She stands and walks as quietly as possible and takes the ring of keys. Making her way to the study, she stops to peek inside the bedroom. William is dead asleep, sprawled out on the bed. With a slight smirk on her face she turns and gets to the study.

‘He has always been a heavy sleeper.’

Elaine fiddles with the keys and the lock trying to find the right one. Finally finding the correct key, she hears the latch in the door give way. She turns the knob and slowly opens the door. The room is immaculate, books stacked neatly, nice piles of paper on the desk, and bookshelves and cases filled in alphabetical order. Finding anything in here should be easy.

She sits down at his desk and starts fiddling with the papers. Rifling through the things on the desk she finds nothing out of the ordinary. Even the books upon the shelves in the room appear to all be normal. She sits back in the chair and thinks. She slows her breathing and focuses her mind. She looks around the room and that’s when it hits her. One of the bookshelves is ever so slightly askew from the others. She stands from the chair and walks closer to inspect it.

William is a perfectionist, so why is this one shelf off compared to the others, even if it was only by a hair it would drive him mad.’ she thought.

The shelves were far too close to be able to fit one’s self through to behind them and all but one was pushed all the way up against the wall. Looking back and forth between her hand and the space between the shelves, she puts her hand through the gap and starts to feel about for anything that isn’t wall, bookshelf, or flooring. She runs her hand up and down both sides of the askew shelf. Nothing. She pulls her hand back from behind the bookshelf and wipes the dust from her hand on her night gown.

Thinking that there may be something behind it that she couldn’t reach she grabs the bookshelf with both hand and tries to move it a little more than it already was. The ever so slight scraping of the wood of the bookshelf and the wooden floorboards of the room made the slightest of sounds. During the movement of the bookshelf, a book from the top shelf dislodged itself and fell to the floor, making a rather loud banging sound as it hit.

Elaine stopped what she was doing and went to see if it woke William. Upon entering the room, William was still out cold on the bed. Eased by the sight of him sleeping she goes back to his study and resumes her previous task.

She pulls the shelf out a little farther, just far enough to look behind it. And laying there on the floor is a single book. It was too dark behind the bookshelf to see what it looked like but she felt something gnawing at the back of her mind; ‘Don’t touch the book.’

She pushes the thought from her mind and reaches for the book. Having to turn her head so she could reach even farther behind the shelf she manages to reach the tome. Its cover feels like a very high-quality leather, and its spine feels very stiff and dry, with a texture that she has never felt before. Pulling the book from behind the shelf she is able to get a good look at it. The first thing she notices about the book is its title, “Hevphrs,” the name seems almost completely incomprehensible. The cover, both front and back, are covered with a patchwork leather. However, she realizes that the spine of the book is made from bone.

The book is latched shut by a string of leather. Quickly, Elaine starts to untie it. Her curiosity is starting to take hold and she can’t stop herself from ripping the book open as fast as she can. But in the same moment at the same time, dread and terror start to envelope her mind and it only grows as she opens the book.

Once she opens the book she tries to read the first few lines of text however it is written in a script that she has never seen before. Flipping through the pages as quickly as she can to try and find something legible to English, she comes across an image in the book. The image of a naked man, whose body seemed devoid of all hair, his hands replaced by claws of unimaginable size, his eyes sockets empty and replaced by fire, and the expression on his face would make even the hardiest of souls die of fright.

Upon seeing the image whispers start to set in around her.

Give us the child.”

“Feed us.”

“Ever so hungry.”

“Hevphrs mgah tygh nyut da! HA HA HA HA HAAA!”

And a final voice pierces the vail of whispers, much deeper, louder, and full of malice and lust.


As soon as the voice finishes, Elaine lets out a scream that was so full of fear that she couldn’t hold it in. As soon as the scream leaves her mouth, and with a sudden pain in the back of her head, her vision goes black and she falls to the floor.

–K. E. Oskold

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