Hidden By Fog: Elaine: Chapter Three

A quick disclaimer before this next chapter. None of the characters are real. All acts within this chapter are fictitious as are all the other chapters. If you are feint of heart, do not read. It gets dark and twisted. If you have questions about what happens in this chapter, do not hesitate to leave a comment or to contact me through the contact page.

Elaine: Chapter Three

Year: 1651

Location: Unknown


Elaine begins to stir from her unconscious state and wakes. The floor beneath her has an icy feel to it, and it is made of stone. Where ever she is, it’s not home.

There is a ceaseless pain that encroaches from the back of her head and as she rubs it, as if to rub away a headache, she feels something dried and flaking. She now realizes that the room she is in is completely dark and she can’t even see her hands in front of her face. Moving her hand to hold her pregnant belly, as a worried mother would, she comes to realize that it is flat, zero sign of pregnancy.

She lifts her night gown to inspect her now flat stomach, using her fingers to feel the shape of her lower abdomen. There is a freshly stitched cut that runs horizontal, just below her waist line. It feels as if it was burnt around the edges, and isn’t bleeding. And another realization hits her, one so mortifying she grips at her stomach. She sinks lower to the ground in a fetal position crying and screaming her heart and lungs out. She cries for what seems a lifetime as she holds her now empty womb.

“MY BABY,” she cries over and over again. She cries for what seems a lifetime as she holds her now empty womb.

“Hello?” She cries out, hoping to hear anything at all, “Is anyone there? Can anyone hear me?”

And as the last of her words leave her mouth, the room lights up with a blue hue. The walls are made of a chiseled stone much like the floor beneath her. And the torches that she now sees all seem to be burning a deep blue color that she has only ever heard of in bible stories. Even with all the torches in the room, Elaine can’t help but feel as if the room itself was trying to suck the life from her body.

She lifts herself to her feet, using the wall to prop herself up as she does so. When she finally balances herself, she removes her hand from the wall to reveal a blood stain. Looking down toward her hand, it too is covered in dried blood. Looking at the incision on her abdomen, she looks over the stitches and cauterization. She feels the back of her head again. Her hair is matted down with coagulated blood and she can feel a scab starting to form. Remembering the moment before she passed out, she must’ve been hit.

There is a single door to one side of the room. She walks closer to look at it, and she goes to twist the doorknob. It’s locked. All Elaine could do now is wait. Almost two hours past, but it feels like an eternity to her. Despite the frigidity of the floor and walls, she feels as if her body is on fire and no amount of cold could help. She is sweating from every orifice of her body, and it only seems to be getting hotter.


With that sudden sound, the door of the room flew open, accompanied by a frozen wind. And there he is, William, standing in the open door, with his arms resting behind his back.

“William, is that you, oh thank God you’ve come. The baby… I’m not pregnant anymore! What’s going on?” Elaine asks, but there is no response from him. William’s face starts to grow a sinister grin from ear to ear. Elaine looks him up and down trying to discern what is wrong with him. Before she could come to any conclusion he shuts the door behind him slowly and locks it.

“Hello Dear, how has your day been?” he asks, the grin still encroaching to cover the entirety of his face.

“What do you mean how has my day been? The baby is gone!”

“Oh, I know. I’m the one that removed him.”

“Wait… It was you?”

“Aye, it was. And I so did enjoy doing it. He was the final piece to my plans.” He says with a heinous chuckle to follow.

“What plan could you have possibly had that required our child?” She says as it finally hits her. The Hedera Helix. The Tome. She is instantly overcome with rage.

“Oh, there is no need for you to trouble yourself with such details. It won’t be long till you join them,” He says as he reveals a knife from behind his back. “I only need one more sacrifice.”

As the white-hot flame of livid rage fills her, she lets out a bestial roar and rushes him. Giving no thought to her own safety, the only thing on her mind is revenge. Taking him off guard, she manages to knock him to his back, the knife grazing her cheek bone. Sheer adrenaline is the only reason that she doesn’t notice the pain. Through struggle and a series of unrelenting punches, she overcomes her fragile nature and becomes a monster. Elaine manages to knock the blade from his hand.

Grabbing the knife for herself, she rises to her feet, holding the blade out at arms-length to keep William at a distance. It’s not until she holds the blade that she realizes that she has no clue how to wield it. William slowly brings himself to his feet, his earlier expression of putrid glee replaced by anger and disbelief.

“Oh, come now, Dear,” he says, “There’s no need for that.”

“Back away from me,” she shouts.

“Why would I do that,” He asks, “I love you.”

“Fuck that. You killed my babies, and now you’re trying to kill me.”

“That’s true but…” He begins.

A heptagonal sigil, glowing in vile black light, starts to form on the ground beneath William’s feet. A hideous laughter begins to fill the room down to the cracks in the stones.

“HAHAHAHAAA,” it laughs, “What a fetching sight. A young couple fighting.”

“Who’s there? Who’s that” Elaine asks.

“BHAHAHAAAA! He’s already here. Hevphrys has arrived,” William states while laughing like a maniac.

“Hmm, this does offer an interesting situation. William was supposed to have you dead by the time I rose,” says the disembodied voice of Hevphrys, “How about this? One of you must kill the other and whomever remains shall receive a gift from me.”

“Yes, Lord Hevphrys,” William shouts.

“Wait, what…, NO,” Elaine replies

“It is my will,” the voice states before going silent.

William takes up a stance, standing sideways, as if he’s fought before. Elaine has no choice. She must fight. She moves herself into an unsteady stance. William’s face now shows an intent to kill unmatched by the one she had seen only moments ago.

“Come on, Darling, have at me,” William said with a hint of confidence.

Now unable to control her own body she lunges forth, aiming the blade for William’s heart. With a simple side-step, William moves gracefully out of the way. With her side wide open, he throws two consecutive punches. Both connect. Elaine drops to her knees, gripping the wound on her stomach. She begins to flail wildly, anything to keep him at a distance. William throws his right hand out in an attempt to grab the blade from her hand. To his surprise her movements are too unpredictable and manages to cut at his wrist. Now bleeding rather heavily he starts to lose feeling in his hand.

“YOU BITCH,” William shouts.

Filled with a new confidence that she had not had a moment ago, she rises back to her feet. She grits her teeth against the pain, trying her best to put it at the back of her mind. She starts to remember the deeds of the man before her. He had killed their children and had cut her open like a pumpkin. She can feel the burning of her blood as it pumps even faster through her body. She lunges at him again. But this time William isn’t taking any chances. With another successful side-step, William hammer-fists the back of her neck and sends her slamming into the ground; causing the knife to fall to the floor to the side of her.

Her vision goes hazy as she tries to reorient herself to face William. He rams a wound-up kick into her stomach and laughs all the while as he does it multiple times. With each kick, Elaine grasps at her stomach trying to defend herself to no avail as she cries out in pain. William forces her onto her back and sits on top of her and starts to strangle her.

Elaine can feel her body slowly giving up to the lack of air, but the knife is just barely in reach. With all her remaining strength, she reaches for it. Her vision starts to fade once again and is slowly turning to darkness. And with the smallest inkling of light leaving her sight she can feel her fingers wrapped around the handle of the knife. With a thunderous roar, she raises the blade and buries it deep into William’s eye socket.

William’s grip around her neck loosens and her vision returns ever so slowly. Her lungs now in overdrive as they gasp for air, she manages to push William off her, letting the blade fall with him.

“Well done,” A disembodied voice announces, “You are the victor and shall now receive a gift from me.”

The black light coming from the heptagram on the ground begins to burn even brighter. The sound of incorporeal voices fills the room with chanting as a singular man slowly appears in the center of the sigil. The blue glow from the torches, now indistinguishable from the black light, slowly drifts toward the center of the design. Appearing as if to be miniature stars, they begin to come together to form a humanoid. Once every piece is in place the blue glow vanishes as the body starts to take on color. The skin of the man is white as snow. Elaine recognizes this being. His hands replaced by massive claws, eye sockets devoid of living flesh but filled with fire, and not a hair on his body; this was the man from the book she had found.

“You are the victor,” the man repeats, “and you shall now receive a gift from me.”

“What are you,” Elaine askes.

“Oh my, you really are a stupid one, aren’t you? No matter, I am Hevphrs. Some call me The Patron of Lust, others, Illuminator of Carnal Passion.”

He gives a brief wave of his hand. Elaine can feel the pain from her abdomen vanish along with the other wounds she suffered from William. Even after this strange and mystical act of kindness, Elaine can’t shake a growing sense of unease. Elaine can feel the fear start to well up inside of her.

“What do you want from me?”

“Weren’t you listening, little lamb? I want to give you a gift,” Hevphrys says as he takes a step closer to her.

She doesn’t know if she can believe what this creature says but she knows, whatever he is, he isn’t human. Every fiber of her being is telling her to run. However, she can’t run. If she tried for the door she would spend too much time with the lock before Hevphrys caught her. Every escape plan that she came up with was quickly squashed by her frantic reasoning. He took another step toward her. Trying to take a step back to keep a little distance between them, she trips over William’s corpse and falls. Landing on her backside, she starts to look around the room frantically, for anything.

Laying on the ground, still gouged into William’s skull, the knife sits only a few feet away. Elaine goes for the blade, only to have Hevphrys bearing down upon her. With a quick flick of his wrist, Hevphrys slashes his massive claws diagonally across her face, leaving four cuts upon her face.

“Now why did you have to go and do that,” he asks before tossing her to the opposite side of the room.

Elaine lands prone on the floor after slamming against the wall. It is only a second before he leaps across the room landing on her back before she even has a chance to rise. Using some form of dark magic, he binds her hands to the ground. He rips the night gown from her body with un-natural force. He lays himself down upon her back. Elaine can feel his skin press against her back as he puts all his weight on her.

With the realization of what is happening, Elaine tries with all her strength to escape the binds that hold her. Trying to writhe her way out from under him, he only grips at her waistline digging his claws into her sides. Tears fall from her eyes as she can feel him thrusting at the gates of her rose. She lets out a shrill cry for help as he forcibly enters her. All the while Hevphrys is laughing in a daemonic manner.

He plows her relentlessly, dumping his seed into her more times than imaginable. As far as Elaine can tell this continues for days, maybe even weeks. Elaine remains awake and alert throughout. The magic that binds her keep her mind from shutting down and retreating. With every unforgiving pound, the pain increased tenfold. She can feel the wounds upon her back and side from where the feral creature holds her. As he finally has enough of her, Hevphrys releases the binds that held her. Elaine’s mind, now able to control itself, shuts down immediately. Her vision fades to black once again.

— K. E. Oskold

You may ask why the last two paragraphs were necessary. Well, it is the best way for massive character development for later on in the tale.

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